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Experienced UI / UX Designer, directing UX teams in designing and developing innovative products for enterprise, e-commerce and mobile.
I led teams in telecommunication, hospitality, and entertainment.

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Cow-creating B2B eCommerce

With the expertise of Fjord and Accenture, this client became the dairy nutrition partner who delivers exceptional end-to-end customer experience.

By understanding their customers better and utilizing digital capabilities, we made it easier for their customers to purchase and follow up through online channels.

"Global partner of choice: providing flexible and innovative ways of doing business through digital services"

Communicating UX
in telecommunications

Building a Better Connected World. Read how I helped design and build the next generation Integrated Service Delivery platforms for the largest telecommunications equipment manufacturer in the world.

71.64% efficiency increase, average project delivery from 134 to 38 days

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IHG China's Website Facelift

Redefining website design in the hotel industry through user experience insights

3-fold increase in the number of online bookings than two years before

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Helping Sony recapture a leading position in smartphone design

Sony Ericsson released a series of new smartphones using the Android operating system. As part of a commitment to product excellence they wanted to gain deep understanding of customers' experiences and feed this learning into future development. Sony Ericsson planned a rolling program of research to evaluate new handsets across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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Interaction Design for Mobile Games

Interaction Designer of the year long top-grossing mobile game Happy Fish. Creating detailed UI specifications for all game features to create fun for players. Using wireframes, flow diagrams and story telling to help the team understand the designs and assist them with implementation. Working closely with Graphic Designers and Developers.

2.3M MAU, 1.38M USD/M, Rating: 4.5 stars (1M+ ratings)

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Side Projects

Product Manager, UX Designer and Developer

Super Social

I built Super Social. An app that lets you stay in touch with your friends, family, business contacts and acquaintances. It helps you keep track of all your conversations over weeks, months and years.

Techcrunch Hackaton 2011 & 2017

At the Shenzhen Techcrunch Hackaton of 2017 our team of 5 members created a prototype to encourage investments in your local community. Users could simply scan a qr-code and directly invest a small amount into a local business via blockchain smart contracts. Our team qualified as fourth.
Tech: Blockchain, Smart Contracts, WeChat / Alipay payments.

At the Beijing Techcrunch Hackaton of 2011 I took the opportunity to create a small game to practice a language. In the prototype up to 10k users could challenge each other to beat the high score. Won the second price in the game category.
Tech: Node.js, ZURB Foundation.

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